Sustainability in Austria - Best Practices in Tourism

Sustainability in Austria. Best Practices in Tourism.

This publication highlights 50 best practices from five categories of the Austrian tourism industry, showcasing pioneering efforts in the field of sustainability.

It is internationally known that Austria captivates with its fascinating landscapes and rich cultural offerings. The innovative spirit of the domestic tourism industry in terms of sustainability is just as exceptional. Some of these projects are featured in this publication. It should be mentioned that this publication cannot present all of Austria’s noteworthy projects, as there is simply not enough space to fit them all. Nevertheless, the selection provides a good overview of innovations and pioneering projects and acts as a multiplier, providing inspiration and motivation for industry participants to implement further projects.


„I am sure that these success stories will give new impetus to the industry and serve as an incentive and inspiration for many regions and businesses to launch their own sustainability initiatives. Let us continue to work together to ensure that Austria remains one of the most sustainable tourism destinations in the world.“

- Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger, CEO of Austria Tourism

5 Categories | 9 Federal States | 50 Best Practices

The publication sheds light on initiatives by various actors that are pioneering in their efforts towards sustainability. Fifty best practices from across Austria demonstrate how sustainable tourism can be achieved in the five categories of winter, summer, mobility, circular economy, and social issues. The goal is always to equally consider and harmonize environmental protection, socio-cultural well-being, and economic sustainability.

Austria's commitment to sustainable tourism is an encouraging example that change is possible. May this publication serve as a source of inspiration, viewing the path towards sustainable tourism as an opportunity and motivating to continue shaping the future positively!